Wellbeing at Nash Squared

At Nash Squared we recognise that we have a role to play to ensure that we are continually looking at how we support the wellbeing of those people within our network.

In fact, it is a key part of our People Promise: Creating the moments that matter, but for us, it does not stop with the local office based actions.

Our Wellbeing Hub was created to enable us to deliver ongoing access to multiple resources that are easily accessible.

Our aim is to provide access to tools and resources which help to support the wellbeing of our colleagues, candidates, contractors, clients, and friends of Nash Squared.

"Our People are the reason we are successful. A Wellbeing Hub is one of our ways of providing support to all those within our network and beyond. Sharing our content freely will hopefully make a difference to anyone who wishes to access our content"

Melanie Hayes - Chief People Officer, Nash Squared

Here you can find resources delivered by partner organisations and our employees - from videos on yoga and meditation to recipes and book recommendations, internal resources, blog posts and access to the Nash Squared wellbeing policy.  

By giving everyone access to the same tools, through active promotion and education we hope to promote a culture that welcomes and promotes wellbeing.

Our Partners

We get by with a little help from our friends

We have partnered with BFit to keep developing our wellbeing hub content. Nash Squared would like to thank Bfit for helping us to offer fantastic resources to support your wellbeing.

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