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From yoga classes, to videos helping you manage stress and articles on nutrition and exercise, the Nash Squared Wellbeing Hub is a space to share content around health and wellbeing.

Explore the content below for more information on how to support your physical and mental wellbeing.
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Mental Wellness

Our mental wellness content provides you with advice on how to cope with the stresses of life, and helps you to work and learn better.
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Meditation & Mindfulness

Our meditation content provides you with practical advice to help you mediate properly as well as the benefits of regular meditation practice, and the styles of meditation.
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Physical Wellness

Going beyond fitness, physical wellness encompasses decisions and choices we make surrounding our sleep, diet, relaxation and more. This section features content that will support your wellbeing as a whole.
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Yoga can positively benefit our health and wellbeing and all round mental wellness. We have curated this section to include yoga and destressing techniques focused on helping you deal with life’s ups and downs.
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A collection of recipes and stories from our extraordinary global colleagues

Each recipe is unique and carries a personal story and history behind it.
Traditional dishes passed down through generations.
Fusion creations inspired by different cultures.
Mains & Sidedishes, Sauces & Chutneys, Desserts.
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Wellbeing in the spotlight

Featured content on health, diet, wellbeing and exercise.

Dynamic Heart Centred Practice

Today's practice is a heart-centred practice and we're going to start the practice by bringing our awareness to that sacred space at our heart centre.
Meditation & Mindfulness

Loving Kindness Meditation

Welcome to one of our favourite love and kindess meditations,which is based on the buddhist meta meditation. Breath in and enjoy!
Mental Wellness

Inclusive Insights - Seasonal Affective Disorder

Welcome to Inclusive Insights. Powered by NASHAbility

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