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From yoga classes, to videos helping you manage stress and articles on nutrition and exercise, the Nash Squared Wellbeing Hub is an essential visit to anyone who cares about their health. We have made the tool public and entirely free to use and to benefit everyone connected with Nash Squared – employees, clients, contractors, candidates, contacts.

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Here you will find resources in the form of videos, posts, and archived content.



Topical and up to date posts from within Nash Squared surrounding health and wellbeing.



Here you can find our curated video library aimed at aiding your mental and physical wellbeing.


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An archive containing dated, but still relevant, documents and links to health and wellbeing topics.

Our Wellbeing commitment

We sat down with NashTech CEO, and Executive Wellbeing sponsor, Nick Lonsdale to talk about Nash Squared Wellbeing commitment, what we're doing to help our colleagues' wellbeing and how he looks after his own mental health?

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Nash Squared is comprised of different but complimentary businesses.

Whether you’re starting out, scaling or the dominant player in your market, our people offer you solutions to take you to the next level and work through any challenges you’re facing.

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