Medidation & Mindfulness

Loving Kindness Meditation

May 25, 2022

Welcome to one of our favourite love and kindess meditations,which is based on the buddhist meta meditation. Breath in and enjoy!

More Medidation

Energy clearing meditation

January 6, 2022

Todays video shows us how to flush energy through our system.

Gratitude Meditation

November 30, 2021

This is a wonderful meditation to do at the end of the year when we're reflecting on what the year has brought for us.

Past & Future Meditation

November 2, 2021

Today's meditation is going to give us a chance to really connect to the present moment, to the here and now, to the only moment that truly matters.

Expanding Awareness Meditation

October 6, 2021

When we're stressed we tend to have quite a narrow field of focus.

Waterfall Meditation

September 2, 2021

This a really helpful exercise to look at our thoughts and imagine them like the water in a waterfall.

Body Scan Meditation

August 13, 2021

This type of meditation you can do lying down or sitting up. Get in a comfortable position and enjoy!

Mindfulness of Breath Meditation

August 13, 2021

A short session on mediation of breath which helps to calm the mind.

Introduction to Mindfulness

August 13, 2021

Alex introduces and elaborates on the topic of mindfulness as “moment to moment awareness and acceptance of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours”.