Benefits of Yoga Practice

October 5, 2022

Benefits of Yoga Practice

Like many people, I’d been to yoga classes at the gym over the years but had never really got my head around what all the fuss was about.

It was just before the pandemic that I rolled out a yoga mat again and had a totally different experience that changed my life (as dramatic as that sounds).

I found the combination of deep breathing, connecting with myself and moving in a way that feels good an absolute game changer and the perfect remedy after a long, hard day of recruiting.

There are many misconceptions that you have to be flexible to do yoga, or able to do a headstand but that couldn’t be further from the true purpose. The purpose of yoga is to create a sense of harmony in the body and mind by being ultra-aware of ones self.

It’s about not only your body getting fitter but your mind becoming fitter as you train it relax and observe, as opposed to reacting like we’re so used to in our everyday lives.

The origins of yoga can be traced back to Northern India, over 5000 years ago and the simple idea of linking breath and movement has been even used in medicine for treating anxieties, aches and pains.

Now more than ever, we should be taking time out to be completely present, not focusing on what our candidate might say or what our client might do next. Some of the benefits are truly mind-blowing…

• Helps to relieve stress by significantly lowering cortisol levels in the body

• Can help with anxiety by encouraging you to be 100% present in the moment

• Promotes better sleep quality

• Builds strength and flexibility

• Can reduce inflammation

There are so many different styles of yoga, it really is about finding what’s right for you and discovering what feels good for your body.

Personally, I like a practice that flows where I can build up some heat in my muscles, before settling down to relax. ‘Savasana’ or ‘Corpse Pose’ is where you literally find a comfortable position, normally flat on your back with arms and legs relaxed and totally switch off from the world.

The Harvey Nash Wellbeing Hub has a number of yoga and meditation sessions for you to try for free, including ‘Yoga for Strength’, ‘Waterfall Meditation’ and even ‘Seated Yoga’ that you can do from your desk.

So I challenge you to give it a go to see if you feel the same benefits I do.

Your wellbeing Ambassadors!

Cecile Green