Mental Health at a Crossroads

A 2020 report detailing the findings both our Tech survey and following pulse survey with This Can Happen

Mental Health at a Crossroads

Recognition of just how widespread mental health challenges have become in our complex modern world has grown significantly in recent years. Many people will experience mental illness or acute depression at some point in their lives. There has been a welcome growth in willingness to talk about it. At Harvey Nash, we explored the issue as part of our Technology Survey last year – and the results were something of a wake-up call: half of tech professionals admitted that they were or had in the past been concerned about their mental health due to work pressures. And this was before anyone had even heard of Covid-19… With the coronavirus pandemic creating extraordinary impacts on personal and professional lives, we felt it was important to gauge the impact of the crisis on the mental wellbeing of the sector. We ran a pulse survey of tech professionals – giving us a pool of responses across our two surveys of some 1,600 people. The results give cause for concern – the mental health of a significant proportion of professionals has deteriorated during the crisis. The way that, collectively, we respond to and provide support around this could prove pivotal for the future. In many ways, we now stand at a crossroads.

HarveyNashMentalHealthSurvey2020.pdf (

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