Giving Back to Society – NashTech’s Social Contributions

As this tough time continues, NashTech “We Share Love” spirit certainly will keep spreading to the unfortunate, most affected people in the community.

Giving Back to Society – NashTech’s Social Contributions

Inspired by the rapidly growing economy and the innovative people in this wonderful country, NashTech decided to set up its first office in Vietnam in 2000. Vietnam has an open-minded, productive IT labor force and the government is very conducive to doing business, particularly in the technology sector, and this plays a big role in our success.

Thus, we believe that as a company, we must put back into the community that has been so supportive to us.

Besides being dedicated to providing software development solutions to international clients, NashTech has been keen to support the improvement of many wider social issues. With a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we endeavor to support the development of a better community and a better Vietnam!

NashTech and the IT community

Since NashTech first started operating in Vietnam, helping to promote the Vietnam’s IT sector has been at the core of our company’s operations. At NashTech, we also take pride in supporting the growth of both national and international IT communities.

We’ve partnered with many universities in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in an effort to provide students with academic knowledge and real-life experience of the ICT industry. Through NashTech’s Internship, Direct Entry and Fresher programs, both seniors and new graduates can have the opportunity to access hands-on skills training from our leading experts. It is our goal to nurture future talent by helping them to understand the market and their future career path, especially in the fast-paced IT environment.

Nashers, our beloved talent, believe in the value of sharing their passion and experience to the IT community. From 2011 to 2020, four excellent Nashers have received the prestigious Microsoft ‘Most Valuable Professionals’, a title given to the community leaders who proactively connect people with common interests in advanced technologies. Our dedicated Nashers also actively engage in technology forums, seminars and conferences to share the latest insights to the ICT industry.

NashTech and society

Community Day is a trip hosted annually, which allows Nashers to express their love and kindness via a wide range of charitable activities. Proceeds from the Flea Market, an event that allows Nashers to trade a diverse range of products, are collected to raise the charity fund for our Community Day. Then, carrying the message of “Give small love, you will receive great happiness”, we seek out worthy social projects in need of help and support.

In 2019, we expressed our deep contribution to the Sapa Hope Center and the Maison Chance, two non-profit projects who provide under-privileged Vietnamese children with housing, health-care, education and vocational training. For the Sapa Hope Center, Nashers in our Hanoi Development Center have raised a total of 20 million VND for the infrastructure improvement as well as lots of warm clothes, books and other necessities. For the Maison Chance, NashTech Ho Chi Minh team was able to donate 1,000 notebooks along with 500 confectionery and milk items. These two activities are the representation of what have become a part of NashTech culture – sharing love and spreading care.

NashTech and the environment

At NashTech, we deeply understand that caring about the environment is our responsibility. As such, our employees are encouraged to reduce plastic waste, turn off unnecessary electronics and efficiently use paper, in an effort to create a green and clean workplace that leaves the lowest ecological footprints.

In addition, 2019 marked the first time our kind-hearted Nashers came up with the idea of the “NashTech Green Market” event. Through the sale of unique recycled and environmentally friendly products, the event promotes a “Go Green” lifestyle among Nashers in addition to raising funds for charity.

NashTech in Covid-19

The global pandemic struck us all very hard, yet we understand the importance of caring and sharing in such unprecedented times. Inspired by selfless healthcare workers, the NashTech ‘Kind Action Campaign’ was launched to collect donations which would be used to purchase medical facilities and equipment in Vietnam. From 25th March to 6th April 2020, a remarkable 269,831,000 VND was raised from our warm-hearted Nashers.

During the difficult days of social isolation, free meals are also carefully prepared by our kind Nashers, which are given to people in need with an aim to share the anxieties with them.

As this tough time continues, NashTech “We Share Love” spirit certainly will keep spreading to the unfortunate, most affected people in the community.

Giving back to society – NashTech’s social contributions (

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