New Year - New Motivation

March 16, 2023

New Year, New Motivation

As we dive into the New Year, there is an air of excitement and enthusiasm. Our motivation levels are higher than ever!

Although has a bad rep, New Year’s Resolutions are a great way for many to start a new. Shedding some of the troubles from the past year and deciding what they'd like to alter in the future. Hence, make use of this time! Set your focus, establish goals that inspire you, and have a roaring start to the new year!

If the notion of large, ambitious New Year's resolutions makes you uneasy, consider doing more activities that bring you pleasure and make you feel good. Additionally, sustain the effort you began last year. That approach insufficient to still facilitate forward movement!

Regardless of where you stand, remember that motivation can be overvalued, particularly at this time of year. Rather, it is our habitual environment which often has greater impact in terms of attaining our ambitions or feeling "accomplished".

New Year’s Resolution

A 2021 study revealed that, before the month of January is over, two thirds of individuals will have given up on their New Year’s Resolutions; an undoubtedly dispiriting discovery, though perhaps not entirely unexpected.*

We must find equilibrium between establishing objectives and putting in concentrated effort for the coming year, and not squandering it all within a few weeks.

Creating a healthier and more sustainable natural environment should be forefront of our minds.

Many attribute their failure to lack of willpower or talent, while they still strive in hard work, effort and grit as the primary characteristics that will lead to their progress.

This can be enormously disheartening. When we experience fading motivation, lack of will power, and unshakeable feeling of inadequacy with limited energy to put in the hard work, it can seem like an Everest-sized hurdle to overcome even before the year is barely underway!

Here's the good news!

"Personal characteristics tend to get overpowered by environment" - James Clear, Author Atomic Habits

In your 2023 goal-setting, establishing the right environment will give you a sturdier base to build on and make more headway than mere flashes of inspiration or glimmers of motivation.

So here to kick of your year with the right tools, are the 3 Top Tips to help adjust your environment for success:

  1. Make smart decisions easier to make

    Automating smart decisions can save you effort, and create a standard for making smart choices again and again. For instance, you could use an online shopping list template to guarantee nutritious food at home throughout the week, or order food delivery service (think Mindful Chef, Gusto, Hello fresh) to ease your evening meal decisions.

    Packing lunch for work will also help ensure sensible eating when you're already hungry or rushing from meeting to meeting. These simple options will help keep focus on balanced nutrition, with reduced time spent making the decisions throughout the day.
  2. Limit the negative

    It's essential that you give yourself a good chance of success by removing or minimising negative influences and distractions. When you set goals, make sure your surroundings are conducive to pursuing them. If, for instance, one of your targets is to eat less junk food in 2023, don't allow it to take up space in your cupboards.

    Despite the most unshakeable willpower, even the strongest person may find themselves drawn towards something that's openly available. It might be time to throw those treats out, or move them to a place that is out of sight and less easy to access.

    Use the same mentality to set yourself up for success if you plan on exercising early in the morning before work: switching off the TV and winding down properly by creating a peaceful bedtime routine is key. Distracting yourself in the short term will only lead to disappointment further down the line when you don't achieve your objectives; so focus on setting goals and limit what might hinder progress.
  3. Find flow, avoid friction

    The less friction we encounter on route to our goals, the more likely we are to maintain a behaviour or habit. If the gym is situated in your regular home-from-work route, it's more probable that you'll make an appearance. To ensure a morning jog or swim, prepare your gear prior to bed - it's one less step in the a.m., and you're ready to go.

When equipped with a fridge full of healthy yet enjoyable groceries, the danger of take-away orders decreases - you have all the ingredients for a tasty meal at your fingertips.

When something feels difficult initially, there may be some friction present. Reflect on how you can get rid of that obstacle completely or partly, then persist with the habit - this will help you uphold it for an extended period of time.

This chapter of 2023 is ready for you to create!

Start with the simple step of showing up, create the environment to help you succeed and then keep stacking the odds in your favour!

* Link to the study: