Register to be part of the Nash Squared World Games 2023

Between 5-22 June, hundreds of Nash Squared employees will be taking part in the third annual Nash Squared World Games.

May 5, 2023

Register to be part of the Nash Squared World Games 2023

The games are a team-based virtual activity challenge, hosted on the social fitness app GoJoe. Exercise logged on the app, either by a wearable or manually, is converted into points, which count towards your teams standings as well as your solo standings.  


The team with the highest average points per participants wins, and chooses a charity to donate our £1000 prize to.

Along the way there are plenty of other prizes for individual and team performances, as well as recognition for achievements in particular activities like who ran/swam/yoga’d  etc the most.

With more than 40 different activity types to log, how will you secure points for your team?

As part of the Nash Squared World Games challenge, you will also have access to GoJoe’s workouts and videos from Olympians, personal trainers and experts across all four pillars of wellbeing (Move, Fuel, Rest,Feel).

Register now, so you benefit from all of the pre-event information leading up to the Games, as well as Bev’s intro video.

Five steps to join the games

Step 1: Download the GoJoe social fitness app, create an account and sign in.

Go Joe QR Code

Step 2: Join the Nash Squared organisation

  • Go to the ‘Discover’ part of the app
  • Press ‘Got a code’
  • Enter na5759sh


Step 3: Find and join the Nash Squared World Games

  • Go to ‘Challenges’
  • Press ‘The Nash Squared World Games’
  • Press the ‘Join team’ button
  • Press into your chosen team
  • Press ‘Join’

Step 4: Sync your wearable (optional)

If you have one, connect your Garmin, FitBit, Apple Watch, Suunto, Samsung, Polar, Coros, Whoop or Wahoo device to the GoJoe app.  Please note, you don’t need to have a wearable to take part in the games.

  • Go to your profile
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Press ‘Applications and devices’

Step 5: Get Active

Do as many activities as you can during the challenge and add them to GoJoe to help your team.  The team with the highest average points per participants wins!

More about GoJoe

GoJoe was created by a few 'ordinary joes' who needed motivation to get and stay fit.  Disillusioned with individualistic fitness apps and boring step challenges, they built GoJoe.

Exercise is best when you're doing something you enjoy and we now have you covered with over 40+ sports to choose from! 

Remember, walking is included but it's all about a planned walk measured in miles/kms. It isn't about everyday steps. This is intentional as it means that those who can't or don't do steps can still take part.


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